Vishwaroopam 2 Movie Live Updates

Vishwaroopam 2 Movie Live Updates
8:30 Movie starts with recap of Viswaroopam over titles
8:40 Wizam(Kamal Hassan) is court-martialed by the army for failure in mission and misbehaving with Ashmita (Andrea) co-soldier. Wizam and team attacked by terrorists while traveling in car, thrilling fight sequence.
8:50 Wisam and his aide are deployed in Al Qaeda as spies. Omar(Rahul Bose) elected as chief by Osama. Wisam attempts to kill Osama but his identity is revealed
9:00 USA navy attack on their hideouts. some hi-octane action episode. Wisam wounded in collateral damage
9:30 Wisam, Nirupama(Pooja) and Ashmita are kept in a hotel. Interesting conversation on religion vs patriotism.Followed by some comedy and romantic scenes. Film is getting racy
9:40 Wisam sets on a mission with the other two ladies. The story is quite confusing with complex narration. Wisam escapes a bomb explosion. He discovers who are the traitors. Some intelligent tracking scenes. More of dialogue drama going on.. tough to follow if not concentrated.
10:15 Wisam founds that a nuclear bomb is placed under ocean.. it could destroy London. Nirupama being nuclear oncologist sent underwater to diffuse the bomb. edge of the sear episode, Beautiful underwater fight.
10:30 Some intimate romantic scenes with raunchy lip-locks with a classical song. Wisam introduces Nirupama to his granny Waheeda suffering from Alzheimer. Emotionally charged sentimental scenes as Wisam reminiscences childhood days on kathak song in the background
10:40 The Lead ladies are kidnapped. A interesting fight by Ashmita followed by a disturbing violent scene apparently censored.
11:10 Wisam is held captive by Omar who thinks his family was killed by wisam. Flashback of Kabul us navy attack… heavy gun battle. Intense climax action … bombs to be diffused .. film ends abruptly
For Detail Review Stay Tuned.


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