Kaushal Army at Telugu Bigg Boss 2

Kaushal Manda, a Bigg Boss 2 Telugu contestant has become the strongest contender of the house. Despite of huge negativity he receives by his housemates, Kaushal has been pulling himself so far as a lone-fighter. His straight forwardness and dedication towards the game fetched him a huge fan-base, best known as army called, “Kaushal Army”.
Kaushal army 2
Kaushal has reached a popularity of top infamous Tollywood heroes, and a huge fandom which seems obvious to anyone who watches Bigg Boss. It is well-known that Bigg Boss eviction is purely based on the public opinion through voting system. But it gets evident that, any contestant that targets Kaushal and opposes him, has always been straight away evicted out, as soon as they are nominated. The audacity of Kaushal generated him a huge affection and love from the audience who support his perspectives in the Bigg Boss house.
It is no exaggeration to say, that Kaushal has a huge popularity which might even cross those of leading Tollywood stars and heroes. This point gets proven, by this Android Application named, “Kaushal Army”, released on August 10th.
The app consists of Kaushal’s good-looking images, heart-warming videos and his bio. In addition to these, this app lets you to vote for Kaushal through online and through phone call too. In less than four days of its initial release, the app has reached the number of downloads of 10,000 with an average of 4.9 star rating on Google PlayStore.


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