Kaushal Chants Deepthi oo Pradeepthi in Big Boss

Big Boss is in a good mood and is giving love task for the contenders. Last Night in the luxury budget task assigned by Big Boss. Lovers are overwhelmed in love that contestant poetry in love letters is brimming over. Though the task isn’t so interesting the poetry written by contestants is entertaining the most. Especially the poetry written by Kaushal is now the talk of the town for his Deepthi oo Pradeepthi lines.
His Lines are “Deepthi Ninnu Chusina maru kshanam na gundello veligindi ne deepthi ;    nee palukulu vinna maru kshanam na manasulo medilindhi ne pradeepthi.                     nee choopulu chusina maru kshanam na kallalo velisindi kanthi;                                         nee sparsha thakina marukshanam na naralo kadilindhi ne prakanpanala sangeethi.           nee navvuluni vinnanu ne kadilikalo chusanu ne gundello medilanu ne srekanthi                 Kaushal.”
These are taking internet over Kaushal Prasa.


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