Mayawati in NTR Kathanayakudu?

NTR Kathanayakudu is all set for a grand worldwide release on Jan 9th. Balakrishna and team have been busy promoting the film giving interviews to various channels. Meanwhile, movie’s release promos are creating buzz on social media.

Especially, the latest one where Balakrishna is seen mouthing Hindi dialogue explaining Telugu pride and culture seeking identity for Telugus.

NTR Kathanayakudu - Mayawati look of Balakrishna

A section of Twitterati has been trolling Balayya that he is no where close to NTR in looks. One of the funny troll that is going viral claimed that Balakrishna looks like Mayawati more than NTR. “Sudden ga chusi Mayawati anukunna,” wrote the guy.

On the other hand, Balakrishna has been declared the most trolled celeb of 2018. He has been trolled on various occasions for his tongue slip moments of his speeches like saying ‘Bul Bul’ while trying to sing ‘Sare Jahan se Acha’. Last but not least, Nagababu has been creating ruckus on social media leaving no stone unturned criticizing Balayya.



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