Mischievous Rats destroyed 12 Lakhs cash in ATM

Last year, the Government demonetization has shaken the common man all at once. However, now even rats are creating problems for individual these days. In Tinsukia district of Assam, an ATM has been attacked by rats and torn all the notes available and created a cash crunch in the surrounding areas.

The ATM has been deposited with 29 lakhs on 19th May by Guwahati-based financial company Global Business Solutions. There has been a technical glitch from 20th May and ATM was shut down till 11th June. When the repairman arrived and opened the ATM,he was shocked to see all the notes shattered in the machine.

There is an estimation that 12 Lakhs have been destroyed by Mischievous rats. They soon informed the local authorities and filed a case whether it is a rats mishap or made up the map by Capricious men.




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