Momo challenge: The Spooky suicide game

Just when the world is forgetting about the terrific mobile game, “Blue Whale Challenge”, cyber terrorists have introduced yet another breath taking challenge called “The MOMO challenge”. There existed many internet challenges that are introduced in past which were supposed to be funny, but Momo challenge is nowhere near to that.
As reported, Momo challenge got viral thru a social networking site FaceBook, and leads to the communication with a stranger’s number via WhatsApp. This number reportedly has a profile of a terrifying doll face with weirdly popping eyes and a wide mouth intended to intrigue the young ones. Momo passes the instruction by messaging and fetches personal information about the player eventually, starting with basic likes and dislikes of the person. It is yet a surprise, how the personal data of players is being hacked away. According to a report, “Momo” asks some questions and displays a related picture message based on the answer given.
Momo challenge The Spooky suicide game
Eventually, “Momo” discloses that it intruded the player’s privacy and threatens the vulnerable to commit some actions leading to death. Allegedly, a 12-year-old girl died in Argentina whose death is associated with “Momo Challenge”.
Momo uses WhatsApp to hide its privacy. WhatsApp’s login system is purely based on mobile number. It is believed that Momo uses mobile number spoofing apps to generate a random number which stays functional to messages and calls for a limited period. During this period verification process of WhatsApp gets completed and person will stay anonymous forever with non-functional number.
However, there is no report of “Momo” challenge’s existence in India, but there’s no guarantee that the country stays away from it unless the young is aware and responsible about their social activities.


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