Naga Babu fires on Kathi Mahesh

Naga Babu slammed Kathi Mahesh for his inflammatory remarks on Lord Shri Ram. The self claimed film critic and filmmaker said that Ramayana is a myth and that he doesn’t find anything heroic about Shri Ram. Further he added that it would have been justice for Sita if she remained with Ravana.
These comments received severe flak from Hindu activist groups. Police complaints have been filed agains Mahesh in several places and he has been arrested. However, no serious action has been taken against him. Rashtriya Hindu Sena Swami Paripoornananda seriously warned Kathi Mahesh of dire consequence and urged Telugu state governments to take stringet action against him.
Naga Babu extended support to Swami Paripoornananda. The mega brother said that Ramayana is not just a book but a epic. Sri Rama is god for crores of Hindus across world. It is equally wrong to criticize Hindu sacred scriptures as criticizing Quran or Bible. Naga Babu said he’s not religious fanatic and doesn’t belong to any right wing group but will not tolerate such derogatory comments on our god. He appealed to AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and Telangana CM KCR to take strong action so that anyone else will not dare to repeat it.


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