Pawan Kalyan TV Channel Updates

As being speculated, Pawan Kalyan is all set to launch his own news TV channel. The media channel is aimed to be launched shortly. It is to promote Jana Sena Party for 2019 elections. Every political party has got a news channel directly or indirectly. So, Pawan has planned one for himself.

His recent Porata Yatra hasn’t been covered by all the media channels despite drawing huge crowds. Pawan may not be directly investing in the media channel but his close aides and rich ardent fans are pouring in funds. Left parties leaders are also sourcing money for it. Nearly 70-90 crores are being crowdfunded for initial setup. It will expanded to Vijayawada later on.

Buzz also has it that 10TV which was established by left parties will be renamed as JTV and will be running in favour of Jana Sena. Janasena’s new office is coming up at Madhapur. Media backend operations like recruitments and other things may take place from here, opine sources.


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