Pawan or Paritala, TDP in dialemma

Paritala Sriram has got strong following in Anathapur district owing to his father late Paritala Ravi and Paritala Sunita, TDP minister. JC Pawan Reddy, son on JC Diwakar Reddy is also gradually gaining popularity in the district.

Both these young leaders are set to contest in 2019 elections. TDP is in dialemma in choosing between these two. Buzz has it that Pawan is pet to Nara Lokesh for his smart work than Paritala who is more aggressive. On the flipside, opposition feel that Lokesh is fearing that Paritala Sriram will grow as mass leader overshadowing him.

Pawan is vying for party ticket of Tadipatri constituency. There was a time when Paritala Ravi was leading Tadipatri municipal elections, JC Diwakar’s associates withdrawn from the polls and left the district. You never know what destiny have in store for you.



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