Priyanka Chopra’s comments on NTR and Ram Charan


Following the tremendous global success of the film RRR, NTR and Ram Charan have gained significant popularity worldwide, including in Hollywood. Priyanka Chopra Jonas, an Indo-Hollywood actress known for her role as a spy in Amazon Prime Video’s original series Citadel, recently underwent a lie detector test during a Vanity Fair interview.

During the test, the interviewer asked Priyanka a series of challenging questions, including ones about her Zanjeer co-star Ram Charan and RRR hero NTR. Firstly, the interviewer inquired, “Ram Charan has been referred to as the Brad Pitt of India. Do you agree?” To this, the former Miss World replied, “Yeah, definitely. Ram possesses immense charisma, and as for Brad Pitt, I don’t personally know him or if he is a nice person, but Ram is genuinely nice.” When the interviewer further asked, “Who is more handsome, Brad Pitt or Ram Charan?” Priyanka responded, “I had a crush on Brad Pitt while growing up, so it wouldn’t be fair to Ram to compare them in that regard.”

Lastly, Priyanka was asked, “Who is more handsome, Ram Charan or NTR?” Exercising her right to remain silent (pleading the fifth), the actress smiled and said, “I have recently met NTR. Both Ram Charan and NTR are beloved figures in my country, and I still need to frequently visit there.”