RX 100 five days Collections


RX 100 is racing ahead with mind boggling collections at box-office. RX 100 has collected 6.14 crore in five days. The youthful entertainer with steamy romantic scenes has set cash registers ringing. Karthikeya and Payal have become nw hot pair of Tollywood. Made on shoe-string budget, RX 100 has got cool music and visual feast. Surprising twists and emotional depth that the film offers made it hot favorite among movie goers. The other two movies released along with it, Vijetha and Chinna Babu succumbed to RX 100’s roar at ticket windows. Here’s area wise collections report of RX 100 in Telugu states.

Area Share
Nizam 2.91
Ceded 0.70
Nellore 0.13
Guntur 0.42
Krishna 0.39
West 0.39
East 0.49
Uttarandhra 0.71
Total AP+TS 6.14


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