Superstars indulge in homosexual activities, says actress

Amid protests to ban section 377 to make homosexual relationship legal in India, several actors and filmmakers have openly supported the cause. Bollywood movies like Aligarh and Fire promoted LGBT relationships. Allauddin Khilji believed to have gay relationship with Mallik Kafur in recent controversial film Padmaavat. Bollywood star filmmaker Karan Johar too bats for the LGBT rights.
Mahika Sharma who is set for Bollywood debut made shocking comments in this regard. The budding actress said,” Superstar’s in Bollywood indulge in homosexual activities for a change. Murderers and rapists have freedom in India but LGBT community is restricted. Homosexuals do have highly creative minds. I have got many homosexual friends. There is nothing wrong in it. We as a society should fight to safeguard their rights.”


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