Babu’s sensational comments on Sri Reddy issue

D Suresh Babu has responded on Sri Reddy issue. The Star producer’s comments have shocked both industry folks and outsiders. Suresh Babu is considered a gentleman and a serious businessman. He keeps himself away from controversies. Suresh Babu is religious too, he frequently observes Deeksha.
Sri Reddy alleged that Suresh Babu’s younger son and Rana Daggubati’s brother Abhiram had forced her into having sex with him at a film studio. She also leaked intimate photos with him to media. In his recent interview, Suresh Babu was asked to comment on the issue. The filmmaker said that its badly handled issue.
“It has been there from ages. Successful and powerful men indulge in alcohol, gambling and sex. Film industry is no exception. Casting couch and drug abuse has been a long lasting problem. Being glamour industry, more focus is on it. Media being active these days is blowing it out of proportion,” said he.


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