Goodachari Movie Live Updates

goodachari live updates
8:50 Raghuveer is raw agent held by enemy country. His son gopi(Adivi Sesh ) left as orphan. His uncle prakash raj takes care of him as Everyone involved in Trinetra secret mission and their families are under threat
9:00 Gopi’s identity is changed to Arjun and he as youngster Looking for software job
9:10 Gopi applies for RAW, He gets selected in a team of six members. Supriya is official. Anish Kuru villa is boss
9:20 Team gets training in intelligence department, supriya is the trainer and Gopi doesn’t take training serious initially.
9:30 Gopi meets Sameera(sobhita) who’s Harvard dropout who thinks he works at tailorman showroom. She makes him realize his actual goal and he starts taking training seriously, Both Sameera and Gopi hide their real identities
9:40 Training completes. Everyone is given medals and posted in different areas, Gopi alone is given number 116. He’s assigned a terrorist mission. In a terrorist attack raw agents get killed. They also attack gopi, Sameera.
10:00 Damodar, boss of raw is poisoned and killed. It’s a conspiracy against Gopi. He’s held responsible for all these..He’s on the run …
10:20 RAW is on hunt for Gopi. He is framed in big crime Here comes the big surprise for audience revealing who is the terrorist, Amid nail biting anxiety, Gopi Changes his plans.
10:30 Film getting exciting as gopi starts his investigation against all odds and he connects the dots and discovers shocking elements.
10:40 Grip tightens with startling twists. Gopi is set on mission to find out background of all the events.He lands in Bangladesh hunting for clues. Madhu shalini enters the scene. Amazing action episode, Adivi Sesh ‘s stylish stunts with mass moments.
11:00 Mystery starts unfolding as Gopi finds what actually happened with his dad raghuveer
11:10 Some emotionally charged sentimental scenes in preclimax. Film concludes with an exciting gun battle with terrorists. Keep watching for Goodachari review
Goosebumps guaranteed climax. A Must watch film


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