Jayaram Chigurupati murder mystery solved!

Express TV managing director and Coastal bank chairman Jayaram Chigurupati murder case has been solved by Police. Jayaram’s niece Shika Chowdary was suspected for accompanying him in the car after which he was found dead at Nandigama near Vijayawada. Shika Chowdary has been interrogated by cops for several hours.

shrikha_rakesh reddy jayaram chigurupati

Later, they have arrested Rakesh Reddy and grilled him. As per latest update, Rakesh is said to have admitted that he murdered Jayaram. Dispute over a loan of Rs 4.5 crore taken from Rakesh is believed to be the reason for the murder. Jayaram’s wife Padmashri is expected to land in India. After questioning her, police will reveal further details on the case.


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