Woman behind Jayaram Chigurupati Murder?

Police found new twist in the murder case of Express TV managing director Jayaram Chigurupati. As was reported, Jayaram was found dead in a car parked on a highway near Nandigam on Vijayawada highway on Thursday night.

Jayaram Chigurupati murder

Cops found that there are two persons traveling along with Jayaram after observing CCTV footages at toll gates. One of them was a lady named Shika Chowdary, niece of Jayaram. She was looking after Express TV operations. Police suspect that Jayaram was murdered in Hyderabad itself with by using cyanide.

Shika and another person carried the corpse to Vijayawada. In the midway she pushed the car into a pit in a bid to give a picture that he was killed in an accident. Jayaram was a NRI businessman who own crores of assets. Shika is said to be sharing his property secrets that even Jayaram’s wife and adopted children are not aware.

Issue over a debt is believed to be the reason for the murder. Police have taken her into custody and grilled her. As per reports, her real name was Madhuri. Post her engineering, she wanted to become Tollywood actress. However, she got into media through Jayaram.




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