Jayaram Chigurupati was lured as a girl

Sensational murder mystery of Coastal Bank Chairman and Express TV MD Jayaram Chigurupati has been cracked by the Police. Rakesh Reddy has been confirmed as the murderer. Earlier, Jayaram’s niece Shika Chowdary was suspected in the case.

Cops grilled Rakesh and found out the motive behind the murder. Jayaram owed 4.5 crore to Rakesh. Jayaram agreed to give the amount if Rakesh leaves Shika. Cops have proved in the angle of illegal affair. Rakesh was furious as Jayaram has been delaying in giving the money and both had dispute over it.

Reportedly, Rakesh called on Jayaram to house luring him as a girl. He is said to have given whatsapp messages pretending as a girl. Rakesh tied Jayaram and torchored him. He shot the video and blackmailed his family. Rakesh admitted that he punched Jayaram following which he died of cardiac arrest being a heart patient.

jayaram chigurupati murder solved


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