Posani’s Kamma comments backlashes

Posani Krishna Murali’s mudslinging press meet against TDP seems to have boomeranged. Especially, the actor’s comments about Kammas is receiving severe backlash from the community folks.

Posani said,”I will get my daughter married to Kamma boy only if he has good education, good job, assets and good habits, if not I will not give her hand to guy just because he’s a Kamma. Similarly, in elections community people should not vote to Chandrababu Naidu just because he’s a Kamma, we have to vote a leader with good character.”

These remarks have sparked off a fresh row. Netizens are trolling the writer cum actor for his irresponsible misleading comments.

One of the trolls reminded Posani that several celebs from film industry itself have been standing examples of inter caste marriages in recent times. Manchu scions got married into different castes, Jagapathi Babu’s daughter married a foreigner and many other filmmakers kids are married out of their community.

Some of them asked if Posani has lost his mind, he should rememeber that there are many Kamma leaders in YSRCP, Congress and Jana Sena as well.


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