Corona virus is more dangerous for men

Either Corona virus might female in gender or feminist. As per stats, number of men dying from COVID-19 appeared to be higher than the number of women.

Corona virus is similar to the virus behind the 2003 SARS outbreak, and it attaches to the same protein, called ACE2, on cells it attacks. Given this similarity, the doctors also analysed a data of SARS patients from 2003.

Among the COVID-19 patients, the researchers confirmed that older people, men and people with underlying conditions tended to have more severe disease and were more likely to die.

The age and numbers of infected men and women were similar, but men tended to have more severe disease.Strikingly in the largest COVID-19 dataset, over 70 per cent of the patients who died were men, meaning that men had almost 2.5 times the death rate of women.

And interestingly, being male was a significant risk factor for worse disease severity, regardless of age, the study said. Patients with heart disease, breathing disease and diabetes, all of whom have worse outcomes in COVID-19.


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