I Am Doing This Movie With Double Maturity – Nagarjuna

The sensational hit combination of Shiva, Antham and Govinda Govinda are teaming up again. King 28 years after Shiva hit screens, Nagarjuna and Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma joined hands for new movie tentatively titled NagRGV4.

I am doing this movie with double maturity - Nagarjuna

The new film has been launched today at Annapurna Studios, the same place where Shiva was launched then. The first clap for Muhuratham shot has been given by RGV’s mother Suryavati. Yarlagadda Surendra switched on the camera. RGV directed the first shot.  Sudheer Chandra is producing this movie on the banner, Company. Nagarjuna mouthed a powerful dialogue in the first shot.

“Nenadigina Prashnaku Samadhanam Cheppina Cheppakapoyina…Nenu Ninnu Champatam Guarantee. Entha Thondaraga Chepthe Antha Thondaraga Chasthavu…Thakkuva Noppitho Chasthavaa, Ekkuva Noppitho Chasthavaa…Choose!” says he.

RGV’s disciples Puri Jagannadh, JD Chakravarthi, Uttej and several others have attended the event.

RGV gave emotional speech at the event. “I don’t believe in God but I believe in RGV. He believed me and offered Shiva when I was nothing. People have been saying that I lost my mind. I agree but I didn’t lose juice in my brain. I’ll prove that with this movie. I am not going to speak much as my movie will speak after release,” said the director.

Nagarjuna became nostalgic reminiscing old memories. “We have mutual belief in each other. My father used say people become matured by 28 years. When I was 28, I acted in Shiva. Now after 28 years, with double maturity we have collaborated again for NagRGV4. I share good bonding with RGV’s family,” said King Nagarjuna.