IGCSE International Schools in Tirupati and Their Advantage

IGCSE International Schools in Tirupati offer Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS & A Level. They ensure that the programs and syllabuses are culturally sensitive, designed for an international context and set a global standard for international education.

Every learner is a language learner in IGCSE International Schools
In IGCSE International schools in tirupati, language plays a particularly critical role. If English is the language of instruction then it is also the medium through which students’ access learning and communicates their understanding in all their subjects. Schools often have learners with different language profiles, and this reality is addressed through; training the students to learn the English Language, to practice it and achieve fluency. With globalization the English language stands as a medium of knowledge and a passport to other countries. The syllabus is tailor made to create a sense of curiosity in learning new things and to give handson experience of the contents the students have studied.
The IGCSE Advantage in International Schools
The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally recognized qualification, taken at the Class 10 level, which is similar to the Class 10 examinations of the CBSE and ICSE.
Cambridge hopes that its learner attributes can contribute by encouraging teachers to focus on the strategies and habits needed for lifelong learning within and beyond the curriculum.  The academic disciplines provide the foundation for this, and Cambridge concentrates on supporting the development and application of deep understanding to real-world problems. Building interdisciplinary understanding is also a powerful skill and increasingly important, provided it is grounded in disciplinary understanding.
King of IGCSE International Schools in Tirupati
As a king of IGCSE International Schools in Tirupati, Sree Vidyanikethan International School Tirupati has devised, evolved, and perfected an extremely effective methodology.
SVIS follows the syllabuses and teaching strategies work together to enhance 21st century skills in the learners. Currently, IGCSE is a two-year program starting at the Class 9 level. A student who has done his/ her early schooling from any other board can join the IGCSE program at the Class 9 level. SVIS is the king among IGCSE International Schools in Tirupati.


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