Interesting Buzz On NTR Biopic!


NTR life has so many twists and turns that every director wants to cash it. Every stage of his life has got cinematic drama and hence the directors are eager to present his life on screen. But we have to wait and see who will make it with honesty and impress the fans. Besides, Balakrishna and Ram Gopal Varma, another producer by name Tummalapalli Rama Satyanarayana announced that he’s coming up with another version of NTR biopic titled Kethireddy’s Veeragrandham.

There are speculations that Balayya’s NTR movie will take off from Indira Gandhi asking P.V  Narshimaha Rao about NTR and curtains down with scene VP Singh sworn-in as Prime Minister with NTR’s support and there will be no episode of Lakshmi Parvathi in this version, speculate sources.

Whereas Ram Gopal Varma movie is completely based on Lakshmi Parvathi and her influence on NTR. the first poster of Lakshmi’s NTR created storm in political circles.