Mangalavaram Movie Review

Cast: Payal Rajput, Nanditha Shwetha, Chaitanya Krishna, Ajmal, Ajay Ghosh and others

Director: Ajay Bhupathi

Producers: Swathi Reddy, Suresh Varma

Director Ajay Bhupathi, known for the sensational debut ‘Rx 100’ but facing challenges with subsequent projects, returns with ‘Mangalavaram,’ a thriller starring Payal Rajput, who rose to fame through ‘Rx 100.’ Amidst immense anticipation generated by the teaser and trailer, the film unravels a mysterious tale in Mahalaxmipuram village.


The storyline unfolds with tension gripping the village due to two deaths occurring on Tuesday, the revered day for their village goddess. Villagers attribute these deaths to punishment for forbidden relationships. However, Police Officer Maya (Nanditha Shweta) suspects foul play, insisting on post-mortems. Village head Babu (Chaitanya Krishna) opposes her, setting the stage for conflict. Despite resistance, Maya manages to conduct post-mortems after another death, leading to the unraveling of a deeper mystery behind the deaths.


Payal Rajput’s Performance: Rajput shines, adding depth and conviction to the narrative.
Musical Composition: The film boasts a captivating musical score, enhancing the suspenseful atmosphere.

Second-Half Twists: Engaging plot twists keep the audience invested in the storyline.


Pacing Issues: The film suffers from a sluggish pace, impacting the overall momentum.
Climax: While maintaining intrigue, the climax falls short of delivering a satisfying resolution, leaving loose ends.


‘Mangalavaram’ presents a mystic thriller intertwined with elements of horror, culminating in a thought-provoking message. Director Ajay Bhupathi navigates the narrative adeptly in the first half, establishing intrigue and suspense. While the second half retains engagement, it doesn’t quite match the intensity of the initial storyline. Despite pacing concerns and a slightly underwhelming climax, the film weaves folklore, suspense, and social commentary, making it a worthwhile watch for enthusiasts of mystic thrillers.

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