Mass Maharaja Fansaah Majakaa!

Fans can go to any extreme when it comes to their favorite hero. There are many incidents where fans show their love on their favorite stars with blood donation or through any other means. A fresh incident of fans troubling a common man in the name of their matinee idol came to light. It is of Mass Maharaja fanatic fans who have disturbed a common man’s daily life.

In his recent hit movie ‘Raja The Great ‘, Radhika who played Ravi Teja’s mother challenges villains by giving her son’s phone number as 80745 45422. The problem that has arrived is the number which is used by the film unit is of a common man by name Lankalapalli Gopi in real life. Gopi is a carpenter who hails from Anandapuram district Visakhapatnam. He has been receiving thousands of calls daily asking for Ravi Teja.

Fed up by the calls Gopi had switched off his mobile to escape from Ravi Teja’s fans calls. Now, Gopi is planning to file a case upon the film unit as they had used his phone number without his permission.‘ Raja The Great’ directed by Anil Ravipudi produced by Dil Raju Starring Ravi Teja & Mehreen Pirzada has been running successfully. Team celebrated success meet on Sunday.