Pawan Kalyan not joining hands with them?

Pawan Kalyan
Pawan Kalyan held meeting with leaders of 13 districts and revealed that Jana Sena Party will be contesting in 175 Assembly seats in 2019 elections. Those who are fully aware of local problems will be alloted tickets, said he. Further he added that his party men are busy scrutinizing local leaders to represent in the election. Power star reasserted that his party doesn’t follow conventional politics and that he is against caste politics.
“We supported TDP in 2014, it proves we believe in public welfare over caste,” said he. He introduced Dev, chief political strategist appointed for the party. He will prepare and strategy for campaign in election. Jana Sena’s agenda may confuse old political parties which have been indulging into cash and caste politics but common people are having belief in us, said the Agnyaathavaasi star.
Pawan moving close to left communist party leaders like Rama Krishna gave rise to speculations that they may join hands in elections. However, Pawan confirming that Jana Sena is going to contest in 175 places hints that they will be going singe handedly.


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