PSV Garuda Vega First Weekend Collections


PSV Garuda Vega first weekend collections

PSV Garuda Vega weekend collections have been decent. Though the film opened to positive reports, opening day collections haven’t been that great since Rajasekhar previous track record. With strong word of mouth, Garuda Vega collections picked up on Saturday and Sunday. Especially, in the US the film has collected $100k in 2 days. Garuda Vega has brought back glorious past days for Dr Rajasekhar.

Garuda Vega has collected a share of 1.13 crore in Telugu states of AP & Telangana in 3 days. Here’s area-wise break up report,

Area Collection
Ceded 28 lakhs
Vizag 30 Lakhs
West 11 Lakhs
Krishna 20 Lakhs
Guntur 24 Lakhs