Raja The Great First Week Collections


Raja The Great first week collections have been terrific. The Ravi Teja starrer mass action entertainer has collected a gross of Rs 34.2 crore in the first week. Mass Maharaja’s riveting performance as a visionless guy with care-a-damn attitude has struck right chord with his fans. Anil Ravipudi fully loaded the film with adequate comedy. Raja The Great earned a distributor share of Rs.20.95 crore in first week. Here’s the area-wise break up of Raja The Great first week collections and shares.

Area Share in Crores
Nizam 7.80
Ceded 2.80
Vizag 2.27
East 1.39
West 1.11
Krishna 1.25
Guntur 1.28
Nellore 0.65
Total AP+TS 18.55
Karnataka 1.31
USA 0.74
ROI 0.35
Total WW 20.95