Rules Ranjan Movie Review

Starring: Kiran Abbavaram, Neha Sshetty, Meher Chahal, Vennela Kishore, Subbaraju, Hyper Aadhi, Viva Harsha, Ajay, Makarand Deshpande, Nellore Sudarshan, Goparaju Ramana, and others

Director: Rathinam Krishna

Producers: Divyang Lavania, Murali Krishna Vemuri, and Rinkhu Kukreja

Music Director: Amrish

Kiran Abbavaram has been consistently signing and releasing movies one after the other, despite facing limited success. He has now come out with another film titled ‘Rules Ranjan,’ directed by AM Ratnam’s son and produced by Divyang Lavania, Murali Krishna Vemuri, and Rinkhu Kukreja. Let’s whether he can deliver a hit with this movie or not.

Rules Ranjan to release in September- Cinema express


Manoranjan (Kiran Abbavaram), also known as Rules Ranjann, is a principled guy who relocates to Mumbai for a job in a software company. There, he meets his former schoolmate Sana (Neha Sshetty) and silently falls in love with her without expressing his feelings. Determined to marry her, he returns to his village to confess his love. The film follows Ranjann’s journey and explores whether he succeeds in making his dream come true and the challenges he faces along the way.

Rules Ranjan Movie | రూల్స్‌ రంజన్‌ నుంచి మాస్‌ బీట్ సాంగ్‌ రిలీజ్‌..!-Namasthe Telangana

Plus Points:

Kiran Abbavaram delivers a comedy-packed performance, giving his best to leave a lasting impression.

Neha Sshetty’s performance fits the movie’s requirements perfectly. Hyper Aadi, Harsha Chemudu, and Nellore Sudarshan contribute acceptably to creating enjoyable moments, particularly in the second half.

The popular track “Sammohanuda,” featuring Neha Sshetty, not only sounds good but also impresses visually.

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Minus Points:

Despite Kiran Abbavaram’s promise of a laugh riot during the film’s promotion, the movie falls short of this expectation. Some comedic scenes are overly exaggerated, including the actors’ performances in those scenes.

Kiran Abbavaram’s consistent struggles in his films raise questions about his choice of projects and collaborators, including directors.

A weak storyline and a sluggish screenplay contribute to the film’s dullness. Some scenes in both halves fail to meet expectations and are cringe-worthy.

Several characters in the film, such as Ajay, Subbaraju, and Meher Chahal, have little relevance to the plot. Assigning Makarand Deshpande a beggar character with no connection to the story and having Vennela Kishore deliver cringe-worthy dialogues were poor directorial choices.

Technical Aspects:

Director Rathinam Krishna faces challenges in making “Rules Ranjann” even remotely engaging. A more compelling narrative, concise storytelling, and meaningful dialogues should have taken precedence over outdated jokes.

Amrish’s music composition is passable but doesn’t shine due to the film’s slow pacing and narration. The lengthy runtime (158 minutes) poses a significant issue. Editing requires substantial improvement, although cinematography and production values are acceptable.


In summary, “Rules Ranjann” is a silly and excessively exaggerated film. It benefits from Kiran Abbavaram and Neha Sshetty’s okayish performances, as well as the humor provided by Hyper Aadi and the gang. However, the movie is weighed down by its weak writing, subpar screenplay, superfluous characters, and uninspired scenes. It is advised to explore other entertainment options this weekend.