Tollywood Drugs case: Star director and actor gets cleans chit

The 2018 drugs scandal that sent shockwaves through the Telugu film industry has taken a surprising turn. In a significant development, the Nampally Court in Hyderabad has dismissed cases against director Puri Jagannadh and actor Tarun, which were filed by the Excise Department.

Big Twist: ED Digs Up Tollywood Drugs Scandal!

The court’s decision comes on the grounds of insufficient evidence and a lack of credible witnesses. Out of the eight cases originally filed by the Special Investigative Team (SIT) of the Excise Department in connection with the high-profile drugs scandal, six have been dismissed by the Nampally Court.

During the 2018 investigation, the Excise Department had conducted prolonged interrogations of numerous well-known film stars. Samples were collected from the nails and hair of the accused. However, the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) investigation failed to establish conclusive evidence of substance abuse by Puri Jagannadh and Tarun. Relying on the FSL report, the Nampally Court has now officially dropped the cases against both individuals.