Agnyaathavaasi can also be a Terror to Apple Iphone Users Worldwide

A serious bug is troubling Apple mobile devices worldwide. The bug came to light past weekend is crashing apps on Apple Iphone, Ipad and other devices. Apple inc has admitted that the iOS 11.2.5 is vulnerable to the bug and is working to fix it. The bug involves sending an Indian language character through WhatsApp, facebook messenger and other messenger services that would crash the apps and shutting down the phone sometimes. Guess what? The character in question is a Telugu character ‘Gnya’! So, if someone sends a message ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ to a Apple Iphone then it will be on suffering end. International media is going berserk over the new IOS bug. Telugu language has caught attention of the globe atleast this way. It’s an infamous moment of pride for Telugus. Apple is expected to roll out an update for IOS 11.


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