Babu Gogineni is an ill-natured guy

Kathi Mahesh has been expelled from Hyderabad by City Police for six months due to unsavory comments on Lord Shri Ram. Swamy Paripoornananda also was taken into house arrest for his attempt to conduct a rally from Boduppal to Yadadri in protest of Kathi Mahesh’s remarks. Later after relieving, Swamy again sought police permission to hold the rally. He slammed Telangana government for not allowing him to protest in peace.
“All castes and religions must be treated with equality. Some people are indulging in hatred speeches against Hinduism with their vested interests which is unfortunate. It is a conspiracy to create communal disharmony. Making inflammatory comments on anyones faith in the disguise of freedom of expression is unconstitutional. Such people are taking Babu Gogineni as an inspiration. Babu is an ill-natured person, he has got malicious motives behind attacking Hindu culture and values,” said Swamy Paripoornananda


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