Be Careful With Facts Trolling Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan is always a sensation in Telugu states for his charm. He is one amongst those who hold the highest fan base, but after his political entry, he also managed to get anti-fans either. We all know that Pawan Kalyan has been trolled for posting a tweet on the book, ‘’We, The Nation, The Lost Decades’ that he read in 1984. Many of them have trolled him saying, “according to the good reads the book has been published in 1997 and the god (Pawan Kalyan) have read it before it got published.”
Looking at the facts, According to the good reads Yandamuri Veerendranath books have been published after 2000 but his books have been published way back in 90’s. Considering this we can figure it out that good reads should main its credibility in the year of publications.
The one who read ‘We, The Nation, The Lost Decades’ or at least manages to get a book can see the year of publications and number of editions. Hereafter before blaming or trolling be careful with facts and proofs.


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