Bigg Boss 2: Game or weekend drama?

Bigg Boss 2 has got somewhat exciting for couple of days with secret affairs brewing in the house. House mates have been busy gossiping over the pairs thereby entertaining the viewers. Deepthi Sunaina shocked us all by kissing Tanish while he’s asleep. Apparently, she forgot that the house is fitted with nigh vision CCTV cameras.
Nani’s hard-hitting hosting in the weekend spiced up the show. Natural star cornered Babu Gogineni for nominating Deepthi Nallamothu for elimination.
Apparently, Babu went by Tejaswi’s complaints. Nani questioned him how he could nominate someone going by other housemates complaints being an intellectual. Gogineni couldn’t logically justify himself to Nani’s queries.
Everybody thought Gogineni will be eliminated but to the surprise anchor Shyamala got eliminated out of 5 contestants in danger zone. Kaushal, Tejaswi, Nandini and Deepthi Nallamothu are the others who are saved. Bigg Boss granted special powers to Kaushal and Tejaswi to stop others from getting eliminated.
Tejaswi saved Deepthi while Kaushal saved Nandini with their powers. Viewers wonder why Teju saved Deepthi whom she had asked Gogineni to nominate. Well, its obvious game to get into good books of Bigg Boss and viewers. However, it was an emotional Sunday episode as Shyamala left everyone emotional as she exits. Perhaps, she’s happy to get back to her 11 month old son and prepare to celebrate his first birthday soon.


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