Bigg Boss Season 2: Sluggish show continues

It’s already more than a week and still Bigg Boss season 2 is struggling to create any interest to the people. Most viewers feel that the reality show is big letdown when compared to season 1.

Nani is finding it tough to huge impact created by NTR with his spontaneity and energy. Less popular contestants in house is also another drawback. Silly and not so exciting games played at house are making it further boring.

Sanjana’s dramatic exit created some noise. Her allegations on Babu Gogineni that he’s a different person from what he pretends to be.

“When a man of his age and status dance and do silly stuff, what is wrong in asking him to massage,” asks she. Sanjana also ridiculed Nani by saying who would be interested in a normal phone after getting used to a iPhone.

Meanwhile, Taneesh and Tejaswi are grabbing attention with their antics. Samrat takes the lead as captain. Surprisingly, Babu Gogineni is high on rating with his rebel attitude and logical preaching.


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