Change of title for ‘Allari’ Naresh’s next

Allari Naresh Fun Raja Fun
Hero ‘Allari’ Naresh is working with ‘remake specialist’ and director Bheemaneni Srinivas for an comedy entertainer. Initially the makers considered ‘Silly Fellows’ as the title of the film.
But a leading production house is said to have registered the title already and this has forced ‘Allari’ Naresh and Bheemaneni Srinivas to think about a new title.
As per the sources, ‘Fun Raja Fun’ and ‘Vachaadayyo Saami’ are the titles being looked at and based on their availability, the title for the film would be finalized.
Sunil is also playing a crucial role in the movie which has Chitra Shukla and Nandini Rai in the female leads.


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