Chay fan decodes His New Tattoo

Once in a lifetime, we come across craziest fans. There was a period when we saw fans sticking their favorite stars photographs across the walls or somewhere hidden inside the pages of some old book so that no one will find it. But now the trend has changed and fans are extremely inquisitive about their stars whereabouts and stuff. Here is one such hardcore fan of Naga Chaitanya who decoded the tattoo spotted on his hand recently at his Father’s upcoming movie ‘Officer’ Prerelease event.
The hardcore fan has taken the pleasure of decoding it and posted on social media platform explaining what the tattoo meant.
As per the fan decoding theory, it is the Morse code which says, 6-10-17. The date is the special day of Couple as it is their wedding day of Chay and Sam happened last year in Goa. Astonished by the fan curiosity Samantha has requoted her tweet saying,”Wowww you got really curious didn’t you?”.


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