Controversial Chowdary Criticizes Mega Family

In her latest post, actress Sri Reddy criticized mega family severely. She said that caste crazy fools have encouraged one family from three decades by watching films thereby increasing their fortune. 8 heroes have come from the family but they didn’t entertain heroes of their own caste.
They started a political party, didn’t give a single seat to fans or fan presidents instead sold tickets to rich businessmen. By now, it must be clearly understood that Sri Reddy is directly attacking mega star Chiranjeevi. Sri Reddy reminded that NTR had given party seats to fan presidents when he found TDP in 1984. urther she wrote that the hero claims doing service with blood and eye banks but his blind fans donate blood and eyes in the name of their matinee idol.
She questioned why no other hero or family could make it big in the industry from the community that has 30% share in the population. Mega fans are trolling Sri Reddy for her remarks by revealing her real name to be ‘Vimala Chowdary’ and hence she’s supporting NTR family and criticizing mega family. They are also circulating pic of her claiming that she has got a 17 year old daughter.


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