Director behind Sri Reddy’s attack on Pawan Kalyan

Sri Reddy foul mouthing Pawan Kalyan on casting couch issue is creating stir in political circles. Aspiring actresses make allegations on Pawan picturizing him as a womanizer is being seen as a political conspiracy. The other day, Sri Vani accused that Pawan needs Bengali girls for massage. POW activist Sandhya too supported actresses in this regard.

Actress Apoorva said that Pawan can sleep with any girl he wishes to. Later all the aforesaid actresses apologized for their verbal attack on Pawan. However, the entire episode is looking more of a coup to malign Jana Sena chief. The star hero is set to contest in 2019 elections. He has parted ways from TDP that he supported in previous election. He also made serious corruption allegation on CM Chandrababu Naidu and his son Lokesh.


Fans and followers of Pawan are trolling ruling party for making actresses target Pawan and his reputation. On the other hand, Kapu community is miffed with TDP for taking U-turn on including them in BCs. Kapu crusader Mudragada Padmanabham is believed to be joining hands with YSRCP in his fight for Kapus. However, Pawan Kalyan is against encouraging caste politics. So, a section of his own community may be working against Pawan. So, who could be the actual director behind Sri Reddy’s drama in pulling the leg of Pawan is a puzzle even for political analysts.


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