Do you watch movie by critic reviews? Here is the true face of critics


Awe movie is now the talk of the town. The movie has raised expectation in every one including the school going kid. Well the movie has released and made its mark in everyone’s mind. Be it a commercial hit or not, people are talking about it. Let it be negative or positive it is secondary, as it has created a new experience within one’s mind and that is the beauty of awe.
If we look at the reviews then state owned news papers or so called websites has given par below the rating, when the national media has given their best they could. If we once openly talk about the hypocrisy of the critics it will leave you in awe. There are many out of the box movies from different industries and we appreciate those irrespective of whether we understand it or not.
But if someone from our own states makes a movie which is out of the box then his career will go into the dark with their unethical reviews, we don’t even give a second chance to think of the concept.  Ratings will be given with their size of brains. This is how our present media is!  There are certain basic rules when anything is being reviewed. The self acclaimed great critics’ looks after a message oriented movie in the aspect of a commercial movie. Not all movies are made in the commercial formula. Every movie caters to different section of audience.


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