Flop Beauties Hiked Remuneration With One Hit

Just one hit at the box office and the flop beauties have hiked their remuneration for their next films. Though the actresses are happening stars in Tollywood they lack a serious hit at the box office. The senior and budding actress acted in a comedy-drama which ended up as a blockbuster which is not even expected by the movie unit.

Flop Beauties Hiked Remuneration with One HIt
Flop Beauties Hiked Remuneration with One HIt

The film is successfully running in theaters and these beauties have raised their remuneration with just one good hit. Going into the details the senior actress who acted with almost every hero in Tollywood is facing debacles from a long time. So the actress has reduced the remuneration to 50 Lakhs but now after the success has doubled it that’s not all she also replaced a Bollywood female lead in Gopichand upcoming movie.

While the budding Punjabi beauty also increased her remuneration by 20 Lakhs, The actress is currently signed a couple of movies in Tollywood. The producers are paying the offered hike as they are oozing oomph on screen with their glamour. However, let’s see how far these stars can maintain the success track


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