Geetha Govindam Movie Live Updates

Geetha Govindam movie Live updates:
8:45 The movie starts off  with Vijay near annavaram temple. Cameo of a star heroine in the movie. Vijay narrates his flashback to her. Friends interactions and few comedy scenes are going on
9:00 Vijay Deverakonda works as a lecturer in a girl’s college. Students have crush on him, but he looks for his dream girl. Heroine Anu Baby cameo in the college. First single on track, Heroine entry in temple.
9:20 Vijay trying to woo Rashmika. She slaps Vijay like showed in the teaser. Actor Subbaraju also joins the scene as heroine’s brother
9:40 Mega brother Naga Babu has been introduced as Vijay’s father. Now, a few family scenes are going on. Vijay stuck with family issues which are shown ironically.
10:10  Clash between the lead pair as she misunderstands him. He learns Geeta is his relative, both are asked to look after wedding arrangements.Cute and funny petty quarrels are going on. “Inkem inkem song” over cool montage scenes.
10:20 One of his student seduces him. Geeta further misunderstands and she insults his family. Her brother subbaraj asks vijay’s help to find the guy who misbehaved with Her on bus
10:30 He tries to convince her and clear bad opinion on him. ‘What the life’ song with some crazy mass steps.
11:00 Story moving at snail paced on same note for a while. Finally, conflict clears and Geeta starts liking him. ‘Enti enti song’ with adorable chemistry with rashmika’s cute imitation
11:15 As everything seems fine and happy, a surprise twist in tale. Geeta disappointed and upset ‘Kanu reppala song’ in the back score. Roaring welcome to Vennela Kishore film gets exciting again with few comedy scenes with vennela and Rahul Ramakrishna
11:30 Intense romantic climax with rashmika’s emotional performance. Some hard-hitting dialogues. Uproarious comical climax..


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