Guess Prabhas Role in YSR Biopic

Biopic trend is currently working in Indian film industry. Series of biopics are coming on the way. The recently released Legendary actress Savitri Biopic ‘Mahanati’ have won hearts whereas NTR, YSR, and Indian Hockey star biopics are also coming soon.

As per the latest updates, Baahubali star is in association with the biopic. Mammoty starrer and YSR biopic ‘Yatra’ might be funded by Prabhas. He has given assurance to the director and producers to direct it well. If any financial help needed; he shall be approached. There are rumours that YSR daughter Sharmila and Prabhas had a good releationship.

However, there are speculations that only that single factor is not pushing Darling in producing the movie!


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