Hero expresses distress over actors misbehaving on TV

Vishnu Manchu
TRP ratings may be on rise with the kind of offensive content they have been entertaining of late, but the media channels are stooping to new low in their desperation. The responsible fourth estate has been busy with debates and round table discussions on casting couch rather than focusing on severe issues of public interest like special status.
Ironically, actresses who allege that film celebs have sexually exploited them are approaching media rather than taking legal step for justice. We have seen politicians bad mouthing each other on TV live debates. The other day, a TV anchor calls actresses prostitutes using unpardonable derogatory language.
For past few weeks, Sri Reddy issue has been dominating the bulletins and debates. It has been supreme prime time news. Latest, in a channel she attacked Pawan Kalyan with shockingly offensive language. Industry people are yet to react on this. Everyone has been mum, including the stars who use Pawan’s name in movies to gain some mileage. Of course, fans have been trolling her on social media, what else could they do.
Vishnu Manchu seems to be annoyed with whole episode and drama going on on TV for weeks. The actor requests actors and politicians to restrain from using bad language on TV as kids and families watch. Check his tweet below. Meanwhile, Vishnu’s Achari America Yatra is gearing up for release on April 27th.


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