Slipper Shot To Sri Reddy For Abusing Pawan Kalyan

Amid uproar from all corners over her sensational sleazy mud-slinging on Pawan Kalyan, Sri Reddy issues unconditional apologies to Power Star and his mother.
The actress claimed that she was under influence of opponents who wanted to dilute her protest. Sri Reddy said that she was forced by a particular person to use that cuss word against Pawan Kalyan to gain extra mileage.
Earlier today, Naga Babu held press meet and severely slammed Sri Reddy for her atypical fight against casting couch. Actress Madhavi Latha lead silent protest in support of Pawan Kalyan.
Interestingly, Sri Reddy has been seeking support of Pawan’s Sena saying that her sena is small. The infamous actress has been making series of posts on her social networking page.
Fans are now demanding Sri Reddy to hit herself harder with slippers like she did while abusing Pawan.


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