Interesting title for Bellamkonda’s new movie

Actor Bellamkonda Sreenivas is set to star in a new film helmed by Bheemla Nayak director Saagar K Chandra. The movie, titled “Tyson Naidu,” had its title revealed by the makers on Sreenivas’ birthday. The first look poster showcases Sreenivas as a boxing enthusiast and a devoted fan of the legendary Mike Tyson.

The teaser unveils a compelling start, with a Sardar’s confident claim in the boxing ring, boasting about being able to fly and take down a bull, which amuses the protagonist. Sreenivas makes an entry as DSP, showcasing his action prowess. The teaser culminates with a powerful shot of him entering the boxing ring, accompanied by a flashy Mike Tyson poster, adding a massive appeal.

Sreenivas appears formidable in a muscular avatar, promising an intense performance. Produced by the renowned 14 Reels Plus, the film is backed by producers Ram Achanta and Gopi Achanta, with Harish Katta as the executive producer. Cinematographer Mukessh Gnanesh has captured visually stunning scenes, complemented by the impactful background score from composer Bheems Ceciroleo. Editing is handled by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao.