Internet in India since Mahabharata days, claims CM

India had internet and satellites during Mahabharata, claims Tripura CM Biplab Deb. Addressing a workshop on Public Distribution System (PDS), Biplab said, “USA and western countries claim to have invented internet but it was there in India for lakhs of years. Sanjay could see the war in Kurukshetra and describe it to Dhritarashtra as there was access to satellites in those days.”
These comments received severe criticism from opposition. Netizens have been trolling the CM. Several memes mocking him are on circulation. Guess what? Most circulated meme among them is the famous Mayabazaar movie scene where NTR as Sri Krishna gifts Priyadarshini to Savitri who played Sasirekha. The pic is going viral as Twitteretti widely shared it asking if this scene inspired CM to claim that internet was available in Mahabharata days.


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