Is Ramana Deekshitulu Part of Jagan’s Conspiracy?


YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is working on assembling the pieces together, who are against Chandra Babu Naidu. For quite a time Ramana Deekshitulu has been raging over the TDP government for yielding removal of him from Thirumala Devasthanam department.

He also made many allegations on the CM over the missing ornaments of Lord Balaji. As per the sources, Ramana Deekshitulu has met Jagan at the lotus pond and had a brief meeting over their future strategies.

The striking feature is why Ramana Deekshitulu have met Jagan? The obvious factor Chandra Babu had brought the duo under one roof. However, Renuka Chowdary has raised a question,” Why Ramana Deekshitulu had met Jagan, who is of a different religion.”

She further added, “this explains who was behind all the drama and the conspiracy is revealed.” Renuka Chowdhary responding to this incident is confirming the speculations of a reunion of Congress and TDP in the forthcoming elections.


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