Is Renu Behind Pawan Kalyan’s Yatra Break?

After vigorously touring in Uttarandhra on his Porata Yatra, Pawan Kalyan taking a long break has become focus point of political discussions. Social media has been speculating various reasons in this regard. As posted by a popular website, the star hero turned politician took break to address his personal issue.

Accordingly, Pawan’s ex-wife Renu Desai is said to have found a person whom she would be marrying for second time. The actress cum filmmaker in her interviews expressed her wish to find a life partner and she was trolled by Pawan fans for that. Recently, she shared a mysterious photo along with her poetic message hinting that her second time wedding is on cards.

With Pawan pausing his Porata Yatra, it is being rumoured that he’s concerned of his two children Akira and Aadhya incase their mother gets to marry. As per the story, he’s in discussion with Renu asking her to give a second thought.

Perhaps, it may not be possible for Pawan to raise the children if he wishes so as court doesn’t permit it as there is a rule that children below 18 should remain with mother after divorce. Well, these are merely concocted theories by online media that have authenticity.

Jana Sena sources reveal that Pawan has different strategy behind taking break from his yatra. As per schedule, he was supposed to enter Godavari districts as part of his tour. Since YS Jagan is on his Sankalpa Yatra through East Godavari region, Pawan had to take break as media focus will be diluted. Apparently, he is observing Jagan’s Yatra and speeches. Power star will be voicing on local issues in the areas that he will tour. Moreover, he has immense following in both the Godavari districts than anywhere else.


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