Is Samyuktha Menon indirectly blames Dil Raju?

Samyuktha Menon, the lead actress in the upcoming film Virupaksha starring Sai Tej, expressed her dissatisfaction with the production house Sri Venkateswara Creations owned by Dil Raju. According to her social media post, they promised to reveal her character poster but missed the deadline.

Although she was disappointed with the situation, Samyuktha clarified that she had cherished her journey with Virupaksha and was humbled by the opportunity to work with amazing actors and technicians. She urged the production house to be more responsible and keep their promises, asking them where her character poster was as it was supposed to be released on Ugadi.

The production house needs to resolve Samyuktha Menon’s problem to avoid any negative posts on social media in the future. The recently released teaser of Virupaksha hinted at promising thrills, with the film’s plot revolving around several deaths in a village due to supernatural forces.