Mahanati, not spared to sidetrack Pawan Kalyan?


Pawan Kalyan has been a soft target for anyone who wish to attract the public attention. Assuming that the power star wouldn’t speak up against women, political parties are resorting on cheap tricks using women in mud-slinging on Jana Sena Chief.
The mere example of this is Sri Reddy issue where she has made allegations on PK offensive verbal attack. Her attempt at defaming Pawan Kalyan backfired and she had to face the ire of fans. It was made clear that the political parties made her do so as Pawan has been amassing vote bank with his charisma.
It is being said that Poonam Kaur also joins the puppet show of parties targeting Pawan. It is quite evident from her latest tweets attacking Pawan and Trivikram. The rival parties are trying hard in their ways to defame him in the view of voters.
Coming to our story, AP government has felicitated Mahanati team in Amaravathi. No wonder it has been hastily held on Saturday to coincide with Pawan Kalyan’s hunger strike, so that media attention is diverted towards the super hit film. What an idea CM ji to distract public from Pawan’s strike, feel PK followers.


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